Step by step instruction to import and use the Restau Layout

1. Unzip the downloaded file
2. In your site’s admin area, go to Divi Library and click on “Import & Export”
3. Click on Import and choose the “Restau Layout” json file from the unzipped contents
4. Click on “Import Divi Builder Layout”
5. You’ll see the Restau Layout is been added to the Divi Library
6. Now create a new page and select “Use the Divi Builder”
7. Click on “Load Layout” and then select “Your saved Layouts”
8. You’ll see the “Restau Layout” is available and click on it to load it in the page
9. At the top section you’ll see the custom JS and CSS codes
10. You can copy the custom JS codes by going to Divi Theme options->Integration and paste the codes in the “Add code to the < head > of your blog” section then click save
11. For the custom CSS, you can add it in Divi theme options General tab and in Custom CSS section or you can add the codes in your Child theme’s style.css file.
12. ..And you are done!

Please refer to the screenshots for even better understanding!